Success Story #4

Not only he agreed to marry, and now has a daughter who is a teenager…

Several years ago, one of my lady clients, approached me with an unusual situation.

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Success Story #2 A twenty days old baby, survived two brain operations

A twenty days old baby, survived two brain operations, with name correction, gemstone, and mantra remedies for mother…

The first time I got a frantic call from the baby’s mother was when I was in a temple of Smashan Kali devata. Initially, I kept on cutting calls as I usually prefer not to take calls while in Prayers.

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About GVS

Govind Valmikki Shandilya

Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya

Author & Numerologist Coach – Law of Attraction Mantra Expert

The purpose of my life is to use my wisdom for guiding people to achieve their goals and dreams and in the process experience abundance, happiness, health and wealth in their lives.

Numerology is my Passion & Life’s Calling.

I consciously provide MORE Use Value than the Cash Value I receive. Remember, I am just a phone call away!

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Please feel free to call me and have up to 15 minutes conversation to clarify your queries or doubts about Numerology and its real impact on your life.

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