Business Name Numerology

Are you looking for business numerology?

You have reached the right place. Business Name Numerology consultation includes the personal Numerology analysis for the business owners and directors. When business owners are doing well in their personal lives; the chances of they doing well in business are plenty. Therefore, when you come for Business Name Numerology, I insist on analysing your Names and Numbers first. Once the desired harmony between your core numbers is achieved, the business will flourish automatically.

In other word, you will soon realize that your Business Name shares similar Harmony as YOUR OWN NAME and DOB. Your business is another IDENTITY that belongs to YOU. As a result, it becomes crucial that ‘Own Name’ as well as your ‘Business Name’ both are in harmony with your DOB. Consequently your business name number can be same as any of your CORE Numbers—preferably the Expression and/or Heart’s Desire.

The unique process I follow in Business Numerology includes:

  • Analyze your personal numerology chart and checkout your exact position in the Life Path.
  • Recognize the current opportunities and challenges.
  • Identify the specific events that will shape your future for next few years.
  • Discover your inherent talents and what you want to do and be in life.
  • Checkout if the four core Numbers — Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire, and Maturity are in sync.
  • Advice the corrective measures and actions
  • Clarify “Vision & Mission” for business. Once the purpose is clear; identifying the Business Name that will vibrate in unison with your Life becomes child’s play.

The Business Name Numerology consultation usually last for 2-3 hrs. When the number of directors are more than two, keep additional 1 hour free to discuss the lives of each additional stakeholder. Consequently, apart from the best Business Name; you will also receive a detailed numerology report for each stakeholder.

Note: On request and separate charge; I also help you identify the “Vision & Mission” for your business. This is again 2-3 hrs process and requires that all stakeholders/business owners must participate in this exercise.