Learn Numerology in just 2-Days!

The Professional Secrets of Numerology & GVS Method™ Revealed…

Are you someone; who has been searching the answers for universal questions such as, “Who am I?”, or “What is my purpose of Life?”

Are you someone who intuitively FEEL the need to help others solve their life issues through bringing awareness and clarity in their mind about their Karma, Destiny and their Responsibility?

Do you want to transform the lives of thousands of people in your life?

If your answer is YES; then you are at the right place and at the right time! In this universe, there are no accidents. Everything you have been searching for in life already exists. The correct information is revealed to you when the right time comes. That’s the Law of Karma.

You too can become a professional numerologist in JUST 2-DAYS with Ultra-Intensive 1-2-1 Coaching From the master himself. This course is designed to make you a Professional Numerologist. No previous knowledge or experience in numerology required.

Did you know that Numerology has the answers and solutions to most of the questions you have been searching for in your life? When you study and understand Numerology; you will be amazed to see how effectively you will be able to understand your life’s purpose, your inborn talents, your strengths, and weaknesses; your unique characteristics and temperament; your hidden challenges; what you want to do and be; and much more.


The Professional Secrets of Numerology & GVS Method™ Revealed…

The 2-days Ultra-intensive Numerology workshops are conducted regularly. The classes begin from 12.45 (IST) with breaks in between for tea and lunch and continues till 17:45 (IST).

Upcoming Ultra-Intensive Numerology Workshops

Timings: 12:45 Afternoon till 17:45 Evening (IST)
Tuition Fee: Rs. 27507/- Per participant

To know more details, WhatsApp your query to +91.9900063216. Remember to write your full name and question “I want to know more about the two days ultra-intensive numerology workshop.”

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Download the registration form here. Fill it and bring it when you come for the class Or WhatsApp the same on +91.9900063216