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Expecting Mothers And Parents

Dear expecting parents, now that you are expecting a new baby (or just had one), make sure that you give your new born baby a numerology based name. When you meet me, first of all, I will tell you the purpose of your baby being born in this life time. I will also describe his/her in-born talents and strengths and weaknesses. And I will also bring clarity about the Karmic Lessons he/she is born to take during the life-time.

Investing in a numerologically correct name is like a long-term investment in a real estate– sooner or later it will pay back in a manifold.

Did you know that numerology predictions can be highly accurate? Similarly, do you know the real cost you end up paying when your child is continuously failing due to misaligned name numbers with the DOB numbers? Your child may be failing in studies, failing in his behaviors, failing to become a good friend, failing to become a good citizen, failing to have a healthy lifestyle, failing to have great relationships, failing to earn a consistent income and much more. The cost you pay for the failures of your child, grandchild, sibling, and spouse can run into several lakhs of rupees in terms of medical bills, school, and college fees, penalties paid to the government, frustrations in the family, and much more. All this can be avoided by merely having a name that is in sync with the DOB.

If you are searching for numerology name, this is the place. While I may not be able to speak fluently in all languages; since I understand Hindi, English, Kannada, and Tamil, I will be able to communicate effectively.

Baby Name Numerology sessions are highly interactive and usually last for 2-3 hours. Therefore you are advised to have 2-3 hours of free time when you come for a consultation. After all, it is not just a name. We are creating the entire future of your baby. It is my conscious practice to give more use value than the cash value I receive.

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Parents from outside Bangalore: Even if you are living outside Bangalore and would like to name your baby based on Numerology send me a request on WhatsApp.

We provide a long distance consultation for your Baby’s Name Numerology using What’sApp. You will notice that we will have multiple interactions during the entire process. However, due to the long distance consultation, you will need to deposit the fee in advance. Please call Now +91.96115.39655 for baby name consultation or Numerology for Baby Name. Expecting Parents, you may especially feel free; even if you are calling to clarify certain things before you actually choose to take the consultation. I am available just a phone call away (+91.96115.39655).