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Did you know that your baby’s name isn’t just ‘NAME’ or ‘Name Tag’?

Did you also know that every letter in your baby’s name has a story to tell about the baby’s life on this planet earth? Each alphabet acts as a building block in creating the baby’s entire life–a month after month and year after year.
Have you ever wondered, that most kitchens have the same ingredients; yet when used in different proportions and in different sequences you could make either biryani, rasam-rice, idly sambhar, aloo parantha or just Raggi mudde?
Naming a child is just like that. When the choice of alphabets and their sequence is right; tea seller’s child can grow up as Prime Minister. When the name is incorrect; the Prime Minister’s son continues to struggle!



Would you like to turn around your life situation completely? Do you want to achieve Super Success, Great Health, Happiness, Joy, Wealth and Wisdom in YOUR life?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then its time, you consult Shri. Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya. He is a well-traveled, English speaking wise man who has already helped over 10,000 people globally in solving their severe life problems since 1994. Just by analyzing your name and date of birth he could unfold and reveal the secrets of your life that will dazzle and surprise you.

Are you planning to go abroad and unsure if that plan will go through smoothly? Are you planning to get married and uncertain about the long term viability?

By combining the letters of your name along with your DOB details, Shri Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya can find out the specific events that will take place in your life in a given year. He could also offer you the daily and monthly predictions when requested.
Another remarkable clarity you will get during the consultation is whether your inborn talents are in sync with the environment that you are working in; are you doing the work that you genuinely enjoy doing; is your ultimate goal in life the same as what you are currently doing; is your life in harmony or disharmonious? Then you have a choice to either work towards creating a perfect balance or let your life run the way it is.

Is name correction the only solution?

In India, we have solutions to every problem. Name correction is just one of the several remedies that would be offered depending on your numbers. When worked on these remedies with gratitude; you will find the desired miraculous results in your life.