Master Numerologist Certification

You must register minimum 1 week in advance for the 2-days Ultra intensive workshop | WhatsApp your registration requests on +91.9900063216.

A must program for all numerologists to gain the confidence of your clients

The master Numerologist Certification course is open for “Our Graduates of Ultra-intensive Numerology Workshops & other practicing Numerologists.”

Topics covered during the 3-days workshop

  • Day 1: Revisit to all important Concepts in Numerology including GVS Method™ with 2-3 case studies of Super Successful People.
  • Day 2: Core Concepts of Numerology. (Written test)
  • Day 3: Case-studies from real life. (Written test)
  • When you score 90% and above, you will get a “Certificate of Master Numerologist.”
  • If you fall short of the score, you can re-appear for the exam within 30-days for a fee of just Rs. 5000/-

Advantages and Benefits

  • Qualify to be promoted under the banner of ‘MyBirthSecrets.
  • Increased visibility with new clients
  • You will get training and tools to systemize your calculations for compelling predictions.
  • “Secret” Actions—That would increase your ability to predict effectively.
  • Enjoy credibility in the market
  • Earn increased income from online customers.
  • Participate as co-authors for future publications

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the First week of every month.
Time: 9.30 am till 7.00 pm with breaks in between.
Tuition fee:  Rs. 27,507/- or USD 411.
Registration: You must register for the course a minimum of 7 days in advance.
Study Material: Rs. 4500 for the printed notes. Rs. 2000 for the soft-copy.