Understanding Gemstones Workshop

Learn everything that you must know to suggest a gemstone to your customers

A must program for all numerologists to provide holistic solutions.

In this 2-day Understanding Gemstones workshop you will learn everything that you must know to suggest a gemstone to your customers—confidently and correctly.

What will be covered during the workshop?

1. Relationship of Human body with Nava-ratnas.
2. Different Gemstones and their Ruling Planets

  • Qualities of a good gemstone
  • Flaws in gemstone and its impact
  • Identifying Real Gemstone/
  • Rituals for wearing Gemstone
  • Suitability and unsuitability for a person
  • Medicinal use of the Gemstone

3. Nine Gems Pendant and its impact for a well-being
4. Substitute of Precious Gemstones
5. Metals and fingers associated with Gemstones

6. Gem Therapy
7. Gems in Talisman
Schedule: Last weekend of every month. (Saturday-Sunday)

Time: 9.30 am till 7.00 pm with breaks in between.

Tuition: Rs. 27,500 per participant.

Discounts: Additional participant pays Rs. 22,000/- when registered together. Register 2 weeks in advance and get a discount of Rs. 2000/- for the primary participant and Rs. 1500 for the second participant.

We also offer ON-LINE training using WhatsApp for Outstation Students.

Our first long distance student from Delhi completed her Numerology Intensive using WhatsApp on April 3, 2015. Her Experience was, as if I was teaching her sitting right next to her.

Do read what she had to say in the picture below:

The entire course was delivered using WhatsApp. In between we did speak over the phone for very limited time to get further clarity. You too can learn numerology from the comforts of your home at your convenient schedule. Already another student from Chandigarh is taking course using WhatsApp.