Success Story #5

An automobile engineer, who left the high paying job in the UK to act in Kannada movies…

However after completing two movies, when both films didn’t get released his heart sank. That’s when his longtime friend from the UK suggested him to meet up with me.

Being very skeptical, he was not very sure, if Numerology Analysis and the remedies will even work. Eventually, when things worsened, he called me to check up if I was willing to answer his questions about Numerology and how it works. I said, “Sure. Come over. I will spend at least 40 minutes with you, answering your questions _about how Numerology works. End of the conversation, he was free to walk away without any obligation or choose to take the paid consultation.

With this assurance, he came to meet me on July 3, 2016. He had just signed up for yet another movie, only about three months ago and unsure if even this movie will be released.

I showed him the complete process of consultation. Explained him step-by-step the significance of each step.

Finally, I assured him that when we align your name numbers with your correct DOB, everything that you participate in your life will work. And when you wear the energized Gemstone Ring, suggested during the consultation, you will surely see the desired results. While we have no control over the Film that you are participating, I can make a bold promise that this movie will see the light of the day and you will experience the desired success.

End of my presentation, he chose to go for the Premium Consultation package. The consultation lasted for a little over 3 hours. After all, having a background of automobile engineering he needed logical answers to each of his situation.

The name correction and Gemstone Ring was suggested. He was very receptive and excited about the proposed remedies. And he changed his name and got the Gemstone Ring on priority.

He also read the detailed Numerology Report in detail several times, that helped him keep the new possibilities alive every day.

On Dec. 30, 2016, the trailer of the movie was released on YouTube. Within 48 hrs, over 3 lakhs people saw the trailer. And when finally the film was released, it broke all previous box office records for the Kannada movie. The Rs. 4 crore production raked in Rs. 50 crores in box office collections.

Needless to say, his other Crew members including his director, cameraman, and video editor showed up for a consultation with me. The owner of the school, where they were shooting, also showed up for consultation. In fact, he has already consulted me twice for two different things.

I am thrilled that my client’s choice of leaving a lucrative job with the automobile MNC in the UK, finally paid off.

Remember, anything, absolutely anything is possible to achieve when your Name Numbers are aligned with your DOB numbers.