Success Story #4

Not only he agreed to marry, and now has a daughter who is a teenager…

Several years ago, one of my lady clients, approached me with an unusual situation.

Her younger brother who was about 29 yrs of age, highly intelligent person, working in Information Technology was unwilling to get married.

Everyone in the family was worried. Many alliances came, the girls were ready to marry him, but he would politely decline the offer.

Different people, in the relations, tried to find out the reasons for his unwillingness to marry. He would refuse to undergo a medical test too.

Finally, as a last resort, his sister enrolled him to come along with her to see me.

When I looked at his name, I discovered a 16/7 Karmic Debt Expression that was causing the loss of Name, position, power just when it was not expected. He was ashamed of that recurring pattern in his life but was unable to share it with others openly.

I checked and reconfirmed the recurring life pattern with him. Once he confirmed the same, I reworked his Expression and Heart’s Desire, such that it not only removed the Karmic Debt from the Core Numbers but also made them in sync with each other.

Within 3 months of the name correction, he got an appointment letter confirming his position in the multinational company. As a result of this, he agreed to marry.

Last time I met him was at some educational seminar where he was participating. He had come with his wife and then about 7 years old daughter.

The bottom line of this story is to assure you that anything, absolutely anything is possible to achieve when your Name Numbers are aligned with your DOB numbers.

There are thousands of such success stories which I plan to share with you in times to come.

Feel free to share with me, what opened up for you from reading this.

Also, feel free to share these Success Stories with people in your life — people you really care about.