Success Story #3

Finally, the entire family is relocated to Dubai…

In September 2015, I was approached by a Jain family with a single request. They were wanting to relocate themselves to Dubai. However, something or the other were causing delays.

When I looked at their numbers, I saw too many Karmic Debts on their charts. And typically, the misaligned numbers in each chart indicated life filled with misery and too many problems.

I explained them, while I will not be able to remove the impact of the Karmic Debt numbers on their DOB numbers, I can undoubtedly rectify the situation arising out of the Karmic Debt numbers on the Name Numbers.

And I also explained, based on their table of events that you will be able to relocate to Dubai, two years after you implement the name corrections for the entire family of four.

Though initially, the husband was a bit skeptical, ultimately they agreed to carry out the name correction. It took them almost six to nine months to make a decision to legalize the name correction and also get the new names in their passports.

On March 25, 2018, Sunday morning, I got a call from Dubai. And guess what, it was from the same Jain family. They had just relocated to Dubai a day before. Each of the family members spoke to me. The excitement was present in their voice. As they thanked me profusely, the husband made a remark, “I am amazed at the fact, that you were so accurate about the timings of our relocation.”

While I was obviously thrilled to hear their success story, it was clear that I was just an advisor. They took all the actions with full faith in my wisdom. It’s the timely actions, that they made, caused the desired results.

By the way, it’s this family that has been instrumental in my discovery of the unique Valmikki Method Numerology which when used assures a guarantee of success.

Thank you, God, for sending people in my life with such crazy demands and their unshakable trust in my wisdom.

There are thousands of such success stories which I plan to share with you in times to come.

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