Success Story #2

A twenty days old baby, survived two brain operations, with name correction, gemstone, and mantra remedies for mother…

The first time I got a frantic call from the baby’s mother was when I was in a temple of Smashan Kali devata. Initially, I kept on cutting calls as I usually prefer not to take calls while in Prayers. But when the person kept on calling, again and again, I asked my son to attend to the call and requested the caller to hold on for 20 minutes.

In my occurring world, there was no emergency. However, when I called back 20 minutes later, after I finished my prayers, what I found on the other side of the phone, a young mother, uncontrollably crying. She told me, her 20 days old daughter was in ICU after her first brain operation. She kept on saying, “Guruji, please save my child.”

At first, even I was stunned, hearing her request. In my mind, I was saying, “Arre baba, I am just a Numerologist. I am not God. And how can I meddle in the medical emergency matters?”

But I the same time, another thought popped up, “Why on Earth, someone who I have never met, would call me and expect to cause such miraculous results? What is that Universe wants me to do?”

I listened to her for a full 15 minutes and promised her to relax saying that everything will be alright. I promised her to call back in 20 minutes with some solutions (without any idea about what I was going to suggest).

After she put the phone down, I got into the temple and got into meditation. After 10 minutes, a thought flashed. I called her back and asked her to send her husband to Smashan Kali Temple where I received the news first time. I asked her, to tell her husband to perform the puja in the temple and then meet me at my office.

For sure, by evening I received a message from her that baby was shifted from the ICU to the general ward. Goddess Smashan Kali had heard their prayers.

But then the real story started unfolding.

I looked at baby’s DOB. And the name that they had already kept. It clearly indicated the emergency. So I advised them with the correction and asked them to get the Birth Certificate with New Name urgently.

By the time the Birth Certificate was ready, doctors had told them that it was necessary to do one more operation.

This was when I decided to offer them the Mantra Remedy. I knew the corrected name will help, but they wanted to see instant results. So I prayed and advised them to be bold and allow the operation to take place. And requested them to chant the mantra continuously till the baby comes out from ICU. Sure enough, the baby survived the second operation too.

However, every day new complications would arise, and I would have to give them a new Mantra for chanting.

In the meantime I saw mother’s numbers and suggested that she wears specific Gemstone Rings, that would help her daughter recover faster.

To cut the story short, in about 20-25 days, both mother and child are back home. And now the baby is enjoying her life very well. I have kept the video recording of the baby at every stage to see the magical recovery.

So what really worked? I feel the fast response of both parents to my suggestions. They got the Birth Certificate with New Name quickly, that started impacting baby’s health. Mother chose to wear Gemstone Rings almost immediately and also agreed to chant various mantras daily without any doubts. And of course, the doctors also did perform well. It was these combined efforts that allowed the miraculous recovery.

Ever since, I have used these mantras subsequently on three other people of different ages, where no one expected them to survive, and miraculously each one of them recovered quickly and back home.

Now I know for sure that when you combine Name Correction with Energized Rings and Mantra chanting, anything is possible.

There are thousands of such success stories which I plan to share with you in times to come.

Feel free to share with me, what opened up for you from reading this.

When would YOU want to experience such miraculous results in your life?

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Update: The child has completed two years and she is enjoying her life. The parents informed that the mother is expecting a second baby.