What would you like your baby to grow up as?

The moment baby is born; a unique record is created by the numbers of his date of birth. It includes details like what he has to depend upon to make his way in the world. This record also includes details of his talents, abilities, character and heritage from the past. Because most of the parents are unaware of this, they waste much of their time in uncertainty and anxiety. As a result they have lots of hit-or-miss training and failures. Probably if they cared much about this information and valued it they could have known exactly how to train, guide and direct the child to his ultimate goal.

Did you know that your baby can become…

1. A Leader: Strongly individualized, demanding the right to think and act according to own ideas and convictions. OR

2. A Peacemaker and Diplomat: Naturally sensitive, cooperative and considerate of others; a person with added perceptions, awareness, and different capabilities of understanding. OR

3. Creative Genius: Possessing a good imagination, power of inspiration, and deep emotional feeling who brings joy wherever he/she goes. OR

4. Manger & Organizer:Very practical; likes to know what and why he/she is doing, taking no chances. A person having added perceptions, awareness, different capabilities plus the ability to attain anything and everything in the way of material accomplishment. OR

5. Super Genius: Who is talented all-rounder; independent; likes freedom and have a natural interest in what is going on in the world and highly resourceful. OR

6. Humanitarian Soul: Capable of serving mankind and of doing worthwhile things in life; being a great child, sibling, parent, teacher and guide. OR

7. An Educator or Scientist: With scientific and thinking ability; an observing nature and an analytical mind that will become the part of his/her financial success. OR

8. Entrepreneur: With executive ability and splendid powers of organization, placing among those who organize, coach, supervise, direct, and govern affairs, at home and out in the world; giving authority, recognition, position and power in social, professional and business world. OR

9. A Selfless and Humanitarian Philanthropist: Having a deep feeling for mankind, sensing the heights and depths of life and the glory of existence.

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Your Name may be your fortune–or your misfortune

When the name is right, even the tea-seller boy becomes the Prime Minister of India; a bus conductor becomes a Super Star and the fisher-man’s son becomes the Great Scientist and the President of the Country.

Similarly when the name is wrong or when their is misalignment of numbers; even the Prime Minister’s son continues to struggle.