Success Story (1 of 5000)

My client at the age of 58, gets a desired job within 6 months of Name Correction and a salary hike of Rs. 600,000/- plus plus annually…

This person had been working as assistant professor in one of the top medical colleges in Andhra Pradesh for over six years. And though well deserved, somehow the promotion was just not happening. That was a cause of concern and frustration for him, when he finally decided to consult me.

After carefully studying his DOB and his full name, certain name correction was advised to him. Surprisingly, he implemented the name correction quickly and even got his Adhar Card with New Name quickly.

I was amazed by his faith on my analysis and his quick response to the remedies suggested.

Within 3 months of these changes, he got an offer from another reputed medical college, out of the blue. Within 15 minutes of the first meeting he was given an offer that was his dream job.

Next obstacle was whether his earlier college would relieve him easily. He approached me with this doubt. I asked him to chant two mantras daily for 108 times and asked him to put his papers confidently.

He simply followed the instructions without any doubts and he was relieved from his post without any further problems or delays.

In the meantime, he also participated in 30 days Yoga Teachers program and lost almost 30 kilos.

Now, he is happily working with the new medical college as a Professor and HOD, leading the team of 40 doctors. His salary is increased by Rs. 50,000 per month, he has been allocated 3-BHK large and specious modern flat for a very very nominal rent and he is really enjoying his life.

There are thousands of such success stories which I plan to share with you in times to come.

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